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    • CommentAuthordanfreak
    Hey guys,

    I'm asking you about development best practices for building an admin backend.

    In other frameworks there is a feature called 'admin routing'.

    Basically, you set an admin routing word in a config, let's say 'admin', then if you use this prefix in your methods, let's say


    in your Posts controller, the uri is http://www.yourdomain.com/admin/posts/add

    In this way you can then implement a login stuff that requires a certain user group in order to access the admin prefixed method.

    Is there something similar in Akelos?
    If not, is there any best practice in order to build an admin backend?



    Hi Dan,

    In Akelos you can use what we call modules.


    Basically you can move admin/private/secure actions to a sub-folder in app/controllers instead of mixing them in the same one.

    • CommentAuthordanfreak
    Cheers Bermi!

    Sorry for my tons of questions but I'm discovering!

    I'll study the modules then!

    Keep up the great work!