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    • CommentAuthoralegarcia
    Hello, i'm Ale Garcia and i'm new to the Akelos framework.
    I have this problem trying to do the Booklink tutorial:
    When i'm at the step of creating the database tables, i do everything as described in the tutorial but "./script/migrate Booklink install" does nothing (no console output, no table creation).
    I'm under Gentoo Linux and i don't know if this is a file permission problem. If it is, which permissions do the files need?
    Please help. Sorry for my english.
    • CommentAuthoriJyrki

    Hello Ale!

    So everything else works? Like ./script/generate... Erm.. Permissions shouldn't be the problem. Just make sure you can execute the file: chmod +x ./script/migrate.


    • CommentAuthorraslam
    put the line


    in "yourapp/config/config.php", try to execute script again to see if there is an error
    • CommentAuthorpixel-boutique.de
    perhaps this could help you?

    • CommentAuthorraslam

    my booklink tutorial is complete. Now i'm changing the author list view to show author name as heading and book count for each author under it like we see comments under each topic in this forum.

    Is there any short function to count books for an author besides the solution that I include books in author listing and get all the reocrds and count the books array. Getting all the books for each author will be a heavier solution. I don't want to go this way.

    Please advise.



    Try with

    • CommentAuthorraslam
    Thanks Bermi,

    It was simple and i couldn't realize it.

    Actually i was finding something in templating syntax. like {author.books.count}