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    Hi all!

    Sorry for my absence. I've been involved into an exciting Python project far away from PHP-land and Web development.

    During the last three months Kaste has been refactoring the Akelos Active Record, removing bad code smells, and making model testing much easier.

    He has done an incredible amount of though work to improve Akelos Active Record and Unit testing in general. Kudos for Kaste!!.

    I merged his branch on Rev.468. It is recommended that you read the CHANGELOG file if you are using the SVN version.

    I do not have much time to keep up with the forums :(. I will focus on working with Kaste on existing issues, releasing a RBACL generator plugin and merging the Action Mailer from my branch into the trunk.

    Thank you all for improving Akelos and its community :D

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    I'll say: "Hurray!"

    first. gotcha.

    • CommentAuthordanfreak
    great job guys!