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    • CommentAuthorurlwolf
    First, congrats as I think this is a great idea.
    There are quite many discussions over the net on how difficult it is to deploy RoR; Akelos solves this nicely. People with only shared hosting can enjoy the enormous advantages of MVC.

    Now, a question.
    In this post:

    They quote:
    "The fact that the deployment model for the new frameworks centers around long-running processes — rather than launching a clean copy of the application on each request — is one that’s hard on hosting providers; unlike traditional CGI or PHP setups, a framework like Rails or Django or TurboGears simply can’t be run on a “launch a new copy every time” basis; "

    What's the paradigm for Akelos?
    I'm asking because I'm going to try akelos on Dreamhost and they are known to (1) have bad support for RoR and (2) kill processes that run longer than a few secs or use a bit more memory than crappy, short-lived ones...

    Anyone running akelos on dreamhost? Do you experience random process dying?
    • CommentAuthorKaste


    What's the paradigm for Akelos?

    just drag'n'drop the files onto the server. with php/Akelos you shouldnt run into those problems.

    First, congrats as I think this is a great idea.

    just, what is the great idea?

    • CommentAuthorurlwolf
    I think it's a great idea to:
    - bring all the RoR to PHP (i.e., saving deployment problems to users)
    - have the entire code unit tested
    - make internationalization easy
    • CommentAuthorKaste