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    Good news for the Akelos community today, I've been working to find a way for akelos to pass all tests on a windows machine, now passes the 2560+ unit tests. I will post the full process to execute tests automatically :)

    I've opened a ticket with more changes, some of them are:

    • DB connection identifier was weak, so not the first connection will be the default.
    • The AkInstaller had an inconsistent versioning scheme, as whenever I ran the migration the version was modified independently from the environment. Now versions are stored at app/installers/versions and are prefixed by the environment. File versioning on testing mode is not needed at all.
    • Fixed some setup issues on directory recursion where it made the setup script to fail silently.
    • Added rewrite base for testing environments.
    • Fixed a misleading test on Active Record produced by scoped file functions when running the tests including the framework from a different source.

    I hope you find all this useful.


    Hi Salavert!

    That's a great addition for Akelos, I'll review the patches and run the tests on Windows before committing the changes.

    Could you run your experiences on running the core unit tests on windows on the wiki?

    Thanks for your contribution.