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    • CommentAuthorstevel
    I'm walking through the Booklink tutorial. Got stuck after scaffolding. Initially I had a 404 error. Managed to resolved that Rewrite problem. But now I get an blank screen when I tried http://localhost/booklink/book or http://localhost/booklink/author.

    In my .htaccess I have RewriteBase /booklink

    In my httpd.conf I have:
    Alias /booklink "/MyServer/akelos/projects/booklink/public"
    <Directory "/MyServer/akelos/projects/booklink/public">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    In config.php I have the line define('AK_URL_REWRITE_ENABLED', true);

    I'm using a Windows XP platform, Apache for Windows, Php 5.2.4

    Just wondering what I might have missed.
    Thanks for the help.
    • CommentAuthorKaste


    is an 'absolute' path?

    Did you see the web-installer interface? I usually check the setup before I add models, controllers...

    • CommentAuthorKaste


    define('AK_LOG_EVENTS', true);

    then look in log/development.log if you get something.

    • CommentAuthorstevel
    Thanks for the pointers. I'll try the event log. Didn't think of that before.
    Right now I'm not on that machine with the problem, so can only try in a couple of days.

    Btw I believe there is an typo error in the Booklink Tutorial. After the scaffold generation, the link http://localhost/booklink/books should be http://localhost/booklink/book (book as singular)
    • CommentAuthorstevel
    Tried enabling the event logging as suggested. And took a look at the event log after rendering. There was nothing unusual as far as I can see. The rendering was completed without any error message. The browser screen is still blank.

    Anyway, I created another booklink project afresh and went through the whole process. And this time round everything turn out ok now. Don't know what I did differently the first time, since I started the first tutorial months ago but for some reason did not complete it. Only return to the tutorial recently and encountered the problem.

    Anyway thanks for the help.
    • CommentAuthorasejua

    That happened to me when I uploaded my project to a shared webserver, the screen was just blank. Checked the config.php and everything was okay... then I found a (probably quick and dirty) solution.

    I had the akelos directory outside the main application directory (/akelos & /myapplication in my ftp root of webserver) so I tried to copy akelos/lib and akelos/vendor directories inside the main application directory, changed 'AK_FRAMEWORK_DIR' in my application's config/config.php to point to it's own directory and everything worked.

    You can tell akelos to add the framework inside a project using -deps parameter when creating it (this should be the clean solution :))

    ./script/setup -deps -d HOMEDIR/booklink -p /www/htdocs/booklink

    Hope I'm not saying nonsense and that it helps :)

    • CommentAuthordtrejogo
    I'm getting the same issue, I tried to copy akelos/lib and akelos/vendor directories inside the main application directory, but still getting a blank page.

    Also I tried
    define('AK_LOG_EVENTS', true);

    I'm I don't see the develoment.log, I just have a /log/command_line.log and it is empty

    Any Help