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    UPDATE: I've created a screen cast for Windows users. I also have it in .flv format. Its only 8MB so check it out. http://www.zshare.net/video/28870791522791/

    The documentation in the Akelos book link tutorial states:

    Note for Windows users: You will need to call the scripts from your application directory using the full path to your php.exe file like: C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php.exe ./script/generate scaffold

    This isn't completely true. And I'll show you how to create an easier way to call your PHP scripts so you can instead use: php ./script/generate scaffold

    NT/2000/XP/2003 Instructions (for older Windows versions go to http://www.php.net/manual/en/faq.installation.php#faq.installation.addtopath

    1. Go to Start > Control Panel > System (windows 2000 and NT users have to go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > System)

    2. Click the Advanced tab.

    3. Click the Environment Variables command button.

    4. In the Environment Variables dialog box, you'll see two sections for variables. You'll see User variables and System Variables. We are concerned with System variables. Find the 'PATH' variable, highlight it and click EDIT.

    5. Add the path to your PHP folder at the END of this string preceding the path with a semi-colon (;). Ex. ;C:\php (Semi-colons are used to delimit the different paths. Do not have a trailing semi-colon.)

    6. Press Okay and restart your computer.

    You should now be able to call your php scripts from the command line simply using the php command. :)


    Hi, and welcome to the Akelos Forum.

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    I'll try your suggestions and modify the docs as soon as I get my hands on a Windows box.

    Thank you very much for your contribution.


    I've created a ticket for ensuring that your suggestions are taken into account and for simplifying the life of windows users when using Akelos.

    Please feel free to add your suggestions to the ticket. Per example suggesting us; what can be improved to avoid annoyances on windows when using Akelos?

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    Thanks Bermi! Additionally, they can add the path to MySQL and use MySQL from the Command Prompt as well. Perhaps I'll create a screen shot or something.

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    Hey Bermi, I would upload the .flv to Youtube but I was wondering if you had (or were going to create) a user so all the videos can be in the same place. I think it would be a great a idea to let the YouTube community (and other video social networks) see these videos. Sorry for the low quality sound, I don't have a real mic. I've actually mixed/normalized the audio to make it louder but I don't know how to add it as the movie's soundtrack. Once I find out, I'll upload that version opposed to this one.


    Hi Ralph,

    I could not find the videos you mention, but it would be nice to have them all under a user named Akelos or AkelosPhpFramework. Can you manage to create this? I would also point on the video comments to the better quality version of the video, as I uploaded the video to Google Video and the quality made it useless.

    I think that you Tube only allows up to 10 minutes, so we will need to split the video in 2 or 3 pieces.

    During the next three weeks I'll be connecting via a UMTS mobile connection, so uploading videos can be really expensive. If you could manage to upload them it could really help more developers on trying Akelos.

    In three weeks I'll change current video with a louder version (if you haven't get around it) and will split the video to ease the uploads on social video sites.

    Regarding Akelos on Windows, wouldn't be better to explain users how to use Cygwin?

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    Here is the link to the .flv file FLV Download Link

    Here is a mirror link Mirror

    I'll install that program that you mentioned and try and provide some feedback. I also mentioned in the ticket, about another program "SlickRun" which allows you to create command aliases.

    I'll also create the Akelos usernames on the social networks and handle the uploading.

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    There is also one easy-use tool for windows users which provides lots of linux shell features and tools. Look here: http://www.cygwin.com/.

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    Hey thanks Andrew, Bermi has also mentioned that program earlier in this post. I've tried installing it several times but the application fails as it installs. Do you already have it installed on your system? Also, I'm assuming you're a windows user (or at least have access) if so, could you help me out with my other forum post concerning the book link tutorial.

    I've just uploaded stupidralph's video to the akelos site, I will reorganize the screencasts page for include more than one screencast.

    Thanks for the contribution!!

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    Hi Ralph. This tool was installed on my windows pc which comes with e-texteditor. I did't install it separately. Anyway try to install e-texteditor and have a look at the installation process of this utility. Orelse google may help you:)

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    Thanks for the tutorial, very nice!