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    • CommentAuthorAndrew
    Hi Bermi and all people here!
    I've impressed how much work you've done and how much rails features were implemented in this framework. Thanks for that.

    So, here is my first question:-) See topic.
    And thanks in advance.

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the encouragement :D

    Automatic discovery of the HTTP Request type has not been implemented yet in Akelos.

    I've opened a ticket for adding support for respondTo in Akelos

    If you are in a rush for that feature in Akelos and are interested in contributing for making it happen faster, just reply to the ticket saying that you'll take care of that one, and I'll kindly guide you on the process.

    If you don't have the time now, version 0.9 this should be ready this Autumn.

    • CommentAuthorAndrew
    Thanks for your answer. If I'll have some time for this work, I'll get in touch with you.