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    We have finally shipped the Akelos PHP Framework 0.8 to the world.

    Accustomed to work with a well tested trunk, it was quite difficult for me to ship an static release, but I understand that without a clear release cycle, having a single download with a dev_preview tag, it was difficult for our community to gain notoriety and attract bright contributors.

    There are some cool features that unpredictably managed to get into this first release. The one I'm more exited about is the new plugin system which allows us to package functionality and share it with other Akelos developers.

    There is some basic information about the plugins in the wiki but should be enough for you to get started. In future releases we will be moving core acts_as and some uncommon helper to plugins so they can have their own maintainers and release schedule.

    Unluckily I did not get help for improving the API documentation for this release, so that will have wait until a next one.

    Talking about future releases, I would like to thank Kaste who is heavily working on refactoring and improving the Active Record and the Testing system. We are really lucky to have such a brilliant coder actively working on the core team :)

    Please help us on improving Akelos by submitting bug reports, patches improving documentation/wiki and blogging the world about how fantastic it is.

    Happy coding

    • CommentAuthoriJyrki

    Congrats Bermi!

    Just want to say that you are doing great work =) I'm sorry I haven't had more time to dig into Akelos and its documentation...


    • CommentAuthorOmeZ
    Thanx Bermi for your work on this! Now I am working on big project and have no time to help you too, but anyway I want to.
    I think at this time it's enought to make simple documentation based on Wiki according to already made commentaries in your scripts, I found almost everything there.
    So if I can extremely help you, I'm ready to do this, just ask me