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    • CommentAuthorlibnac

    In first place I want to say you , great job!

    I am trying to install Akelos fwk on my Windows pc, by the moment I can access to Apache .http.conf but, what when I will try to install on a hosting ??

    How can I solve this situation?

    Is there any configuration var that I can change to tell the application framework path??

    L. López

    Hi L.López,

    In first place I want to say you , great job!


    You can define where the Framework is by setting the AK_FRAMEWORK_DIR constant in your config/config.php path.

    define('AK_FRAMEWORK_DIR', '/Volumes/Files/Projects/akelos_framework/trunk');

    Although if you have shell access you can just create a symbolic link of the public folder to a place accessible by the webserver.

    You actually can modify any path used by Akelos. The default paths are at config/boot.php, so you can simply override them in your config.php files.

    • CommentAuthorlibnac

    I see your reply so late, may be you have some kind of troubles at your server.

    Ok, I am going to start with your framework,

    I will be around here :)