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    • Category Job Board
    • Category description The Akelos Job Board is for real jobs only (that is, only for paid openings that currently exist and are actively being hired for) that have some connection with the Akelos PHP Framework. If there doesn't seem to be an Akelos connection, the submission will be removed.

      Requests for volunteer help will not be posted on the jobs page. If you have some Akelos-related volunteer post, please post a description in the Wiki on the [Volunteer Opportunities page](http://wiki.akelos.org/volunteer-opportunities); register with the Wiki and then edit the Wiki page.

      Descriptions may be edited for brevity, clarity, or uniformity.

      Please include the following information:

      - Name of hiring company or agency (tell us if you're an agency)
      - Geographic location of opening
      - Short descriptions of position, requirements, and company
      - What your company or client uses Akelos for
      - E-mail contact
      - Other contact info (optional)
      - URL for more information

      To make things easier for Akelos developers you should follow prefix the discussion topic with something meaningful for identifying the kind of Job, for example: [PROJECT], [FULL TIME], [PART TIME], [CONTRACT]...

      Don't forget to notify us when the job gets filled, too! Job listings may be deleted after three months, and shall be deleted after six months.
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    • Category description Have a nice idea to simplify developers life? Some new feature to share with the Akelos community?
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